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Three Trees Institute is committed to creating thriving holistic health minded communities through our wellness, coaching, and training services.

Healing Welcome Page
Our holistic wellness and healing modalities find their roots in nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and communication. We promote self-empowered wellness by providing people with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their wellness.
Training Welcome Page


We offer organizational training programs designed to help employees manage stress, deepen self-awareness and raise their level of consciousness.


This includes reframing relationships with fear to enable the move from

reaction to response.


We specialize in serving those who must navigate challenging interpersonal relationships, most urgently so, Law Enforcement and other First Responders.

Coaching Welcome Page

We provide Life, Leadership, Health, and Nutritional Coaching to help our students successfully achieve their goals. Coaching is also available a-la-carte for non-students.

Current Projects

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Robert Mertens Art of Wellness



Robert Mertens Art 



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