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About Us 

We are a team of wellness professionals of various modalities and disciplines who have a clear understanding, deep knowledge and tools to help you enhance your life, by reconnecting with the ways to reach health and vitality.


There is a growing awareness of the vital importance of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for our happiness and satisfaction. We are committed to nurturing, inspiring and healing you so that you can achieve your goals, create more space for the life you want to live, and increase your capacity to handle obstacles. We want you to feel energized and empowered to change your life and the world for the better.

Our offerings are designed to serve you on your journey in this life. Wherever you are, we are here to support you on your next steps to fully engage with life.

Meet the Team

We share a common mission to provide holistic healing opportunities for those who are willing and ready to heal.  

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Alicia Lerrigo

Co-Founder and CEO

Alicia's professional background is in project management working on technology and organizational change initiatives. She wants to put her experience to work on a cause she holds dearest to her heart, "Wellbeing". She wants to help more and more people find it.

Alicia's goal is to ensure the branches that form Three Trees Institute are aligned with the company's mission to establish a support framework for powerful human growth and healing to occur in the communities we live in.

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Michael Blasi

Co-Founder and COO

With a combined total of 28 years of service in public safety, Micheal has a unique perspective on the healing arts, energy medicine, and the role it plays in our lives. Micheal's journey into holistic healing began with a two year education culminating in a master of intuition medicine certification as an energy healer and intuitive practitioner. Following his initiation into energy medicine, he pursued certification as a Reiki Energy Healing practitioner.

Michael brings a unique perspective to Three Trees Enterprises. As a seasoned first responder as well as being a veteran himself, his vision is to ensure we develop programs that are meaningful and relevant to the First Responder and Armed Forces Veteran communities, as well as to offer the community at large access to the important role Energy Medicine plays in growth and healing.

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Guryan Tighe

Director of Training Institute

Guryan Tighe is a fear technician. She is an experienced executive coach, workshop leader and communications strategist with a demonstrated history working in a multitude of environments. She created a model on how to identify and live your “Why” (purpose) through accessing your fear.

Guryan is currently in the process of developing her program with partner Michael Blasi to help bring healing and culture change to the peace officer community. Guryan is dedicated to ensuring Three Trees Institute forms a strong vessel for delivering transformative training and personal development programs to our embattled First Responder and Veteran communities.

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Erin Hall

Director of Wellness Programming

Erin is a former corporate attorney who knew she needed to pivot into more meaningful work after having children. As she gets older (and wiser), the more she understands that being healthy is important, but it is not the goal. Being healthy enough to be of service to others and our community are the more important goals.

Erin aims to create a diverse group of wellness professionals who will provide transformative and meaningful offerings at Three Trees Wellness. Erin is also certified as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the nation’s largest nutrition school in NYC. She knows all healing begins with deep nutrition and movement.

"How can we support you to be able to contribute to a better world?"

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Michell Kawaja

Somatic Wellness Specialist

Michell Hageman Kawaja studied at the Juilliard School, Coaches Training Institute, and Tamalpa Institute (for movement-based expressive arts therapy). She is a licensed Nia Technique teacher of 15+ years, an ex-professional ballerina, and has over 20 years of experience inspiring all ages through workshops and movement based classes.

Michell created Operation JoyLab to offer humans an accessible and fun way to unlock the issues in our unlock and connect with the universal Sensation of Joy. Join her in Letting Go+ Allowing Flow in body mind and emotion.

Michell is also on board to help Three Trees Wellness develop and execute mindful movement programs alongside our employees for communities, corporations, schools, and beyond. She wants to support the Three Threes Wellness MoveMeant any way that she can!

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Hani'a 'Hummingbird' Abram

Wellness Provider, Bodywork

Hani'a is a California certified soft tissue therapist, and practices Tibetan sound reiki and shamanic energy clearing. A recent addition to his obligation of assisting people to restore/gain/maintain health and well-being, is the presentation of The Sympatico Way experiential self-awareness workshops.

Having verified that there is an innate wisdom within, that can guide one’s heart, body and mind into health and wellness, Hani’a wishes to facilitate the opportunity for others to self-verify the reality of this innate wisdom by creating a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space for exploring, exercising and strengthening AWARENESS, one of the three most valuable tools in our human toolbox, and by which we access the direction to health and wellbeing that results from being simpatico with the Great Essence that abides within ourselves and within all we can see.

Hani'a is on board with Three Trees Wellness to help guide and grow our Healing Arts offerings.

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Maria Quintana-Piling

Wellness Provider, Nutritionist

Maria is a graduate of Functional Nutrition Alliance Full Body Systems, Bauman College and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ. Maria strongly believes in continual education and is also studying with Julie Matthews at the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute and Jessica Drummond at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute.

She provides one-on-one nutrition programs, group detoxes/programs and cooking classes. Her focus is on teaching you how to get the most nutrition from your food in easy, fun and practical ways.

Maria is helping Three Trees Wellness build up our Nutrition Programs.

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Thom Switzer

Wellness Provider, Yoga Teacher

Thom Switzer has been teaching yoga in Marin for a number of years. He has acquired over a thousand hours of yoga training, including yoga philosophy, Asana practice, alignment, Vinyasa flow and Restoration. Thom’s classes include meditation and bhakti practice (chanting). Level 1, 2 and 3 classes are available. Thom will meet you at your level of yoga and can show you ways to enhance that.

Thom says "It has been my joy to share the love I have for yoga".

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Ginamaria Trello

Wellness Provider, Yoga Teacher

Ginamaria Trello is a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist). She attended Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA) where she majored in dance. Gina also trained through advanced reformer at Pilates on 5th (NYC). Recently she trained in the Feldenkrais Method® at City College of San Francisco. Gina has been a professional performer since age 11, appearing on TV, film and radio. Gina has spent many years in the studio and onstage touring the USA and overseas. She has learned to stay healthy through a holistic lifestyle, yoga and bodywork and has learned to teach others through her lived experiences. Gina is also a new mom. Yay!

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Deny Cruz

Director of Digital Media

Deny is an experienced filmmaker who grew up in San Rafael, CA, and later attended San Francisco State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Labor Law. Deny now works in law-enforcement at the Tiburon police department. Deny is passionate about video arts and media.

Deny believes that, while we are experiencing unprecedented times, we have also embraced change into a much more digital world in order to communicate, teach, learn and grow both as individuals and entities. Deny understands that digital and video media are essential for any modern business.

Deny wants to apply his digital media skills and talent to help Three Trees Enterprises share its mission across borders and cultural divides.

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Dillon Bayless

IT Specialist

Dillon is a talented programmer and technologist. Dillon is working with us part-time while completing his degree in computer science. In our virtual business model, there are many tech-oriented details our business must interact with on a daily basis. Dillon ensures all our systems are talking to each other correctly, and that we are optimizing technology opportunities on time.

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