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About Art of Wellness

Robert Mertens' contribution to Three Trees Institute is his beautiful art which has already healed and calmed so many over his long career. In particular, Robert's art seems to speak to those seeking healing, and those able to recognize the holistic nature of healing. Healing can happen through our inner vision, which Robert's art has helped many people access.

Robert Mertens specializes in visionary art. His art encompasses such subjects as Angels, Sacred Geometry, Inner Landscapes, Mandalas and more. Robert's art can be ordered in a wide range of price points.

  • Download high quality versions of these pictures for $10 each. 

  • Special order artist supervised high quality prints.

  • Purchase affordable framed art and home decor, apparel and accessory products in his art shop. Website embedded below or click the link.

Animated Wellness Moments

Subscribe to Robert Mertens Art of Wellness Youtube channel for some soothing wellness art videos.

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