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3 Month Nutrition Program




60 min.

About this Offering

3 - month program focuses on getting to the root of your gut, fatigue, thyroid, or reproductive cycle issues like weight gain, irregular cycles, low energy, hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, heavy/painful periods, or PMS.

We start with your digestion and work our way to support your adrenals, thyroid, and reproductive organs.

Each program includes a 90-minute intake session and 60-minute follow-ups.

In the intake session, I will listen to your full health story, discuss your current symptoms, take a look at any lab work you have and your current eating habits.

In the follow up sessions, we will go over food and lifestyle recommendations based on your health history. We will discuss supplement recommendations and clear action steps so that you start to feel better. You'll walk away with a timeline of your health history, a map of your symptoms and how to interconnect with each other, and a clear summary of your action steps after each session.

Programs include:
· 1 90-minute health intake session
· 7 60-minute educational training & coaching sessions
(Weekly for the first month, bi-weekly thereafter)
· Weekly accountability / Food Mood Journal
· Summary of your action steps
· Educational handouts and food guides
· Access to my recipe database
· Unlimited email access
· Emergency ‘crisis’ phone access
· Supplement recommendations (supplements are an additional cost)
$1500 or $500 per month

Your Wellness Provider

Maria Quintana-Pilling

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Natural Foods Chef

Maria Quintana-Pilling is a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, certified nutrition consultant, natural chef and founder of Maria is committed to helping women to thrive at work and at home.

Maria is a graduate of Functional Nutrition Alliance Full Body Systems and Bauman College. Her interest in nutrition came from her own experience with fibroids, fatigue and constipation. She provides one-on-one nutrition programs, group detoxes/programs and cooking classes. Her focus is on teaching you how to get the most nutrition from your food in easy, fun and practical ways.

Do you struggle to stay after 3pm? Are your vacation days used up as sick days rather than real vacation days? Are you so disconnected to how you really feel that a recent illness or diagnosis surprised you?

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