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Grounding for Beginners




45 min.

About this Offering

Michael's understanding of grounding is that it is the intentional synchronization of the bodies magnetic field with the earth's magnetic field. Grounding allows us to remove negative energies from our personal energy systems, releasing them harmlessly into the earth. This allows us the opportunity to achieve a feeling of grace and connectedness with the environment we live in.
Michael's goal is to teach people grounding skills so that they can accomplish it on their own at any time, in any environment without the assistance of an instructor.

This will be an online live-stream group event conducted over Mindbody Online Livestream. You will receive your link 30 minutes before class.

Free Saturday mornings 9:00 - 9:45 AM

Your Wellness Provider

Michael Blasi

Intuition Medicine Practitioner

Michael is Co-Founder of Three Trees Enterprises and one of our featured Practitioners. Michael is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine (AIM) located in Sausalito, California, where he completed the Master of Intuition Medicine (MIM) Program in 2019 as a certified Intuition and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Michael is well practiced in Energy Clearing, Chakra clearing, Earth Grounding and Auric Fields. He offers energy space clearings for homeowners and commercial properties and job-related stress and, as a retired police officer himself, trauma support for first responders, veterans, and people in high stress jobs.

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