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Wellness and The Beauty of Pictures

By Robert Mertens

When you are in the presence of a picture, its qualities enter into you directly through your eyes. If the picture is beautiful, those qualities will affect your wellness in a positive way. They may quiet your feelings, lighten your load, and perhaps energize you.

The pictures I make with Sacred Geometry proportions enhance a universal harmony.

Read more about how Sacred Geometry can enhance your Wellness here.

This experience of beauty and gratitude is the cornerstone of why I make pictures. I am nourished by the colors and harmonious relationships that develop in the pictures as I make them. It was about 35 years ago that I had a major experience of Gratitude where the doorway to the experience was opened by a flaming triangle. Here is a link if you would like to know my story.

The benefit that I receive from making pictures has continued throughout the years. And I believe it is a major wellness factor in my life.

I want to share this benefit with you and others that might not be familiar with my work.

Many people enjoy living with my work in their homes and workplaces. I invite you to do the same here.

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