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Artists & Artisans

Artists & Artisans

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Beauty is Healing

Robert Mertens Art

"A picture enters directly through the eyes and has an effect on the internal life of the person who sees it. I intend that my pictures are beautiful and that this beauty will awaken feelings of gratitude for that beauty in anyone who experiences it. A universal response to beauty is gratitude. 


For me, the experience of gratitude opens me to life."

Robert Mertens

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Slate and Salt

Turkish towels loomed in Babadağ, a small mountain village in southwest Turkey, by a local cooperative.

Turkish towels have been traditionally hand-loomed in Turkey for centuries.
These Turkish towels have been loomed in a small mountain village in southwest Turkey by a local cooperative. The group prides themselves on keeping the looming tradition alive. The fringe is hand knotted and they only use eco-friendly, 100% natural fibers. From start to finish, the entire process is done in house.  using extra-long fibers which gives them a lightweight, yet highly absorbent quality. 

Delectable Gardens

 A Sonoma County based family business offering a line of indoor and outdoor vertical planters made from recycled plastic bottles! 

Delectable Gardens encompasses the "farm to table" movement helping you with ecological solutions for growing fresh, homegrown or locally grown food.  
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