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Michael Blasi

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Intuition Medicine Practitioner

My name is Michael Blasi and I am a co-founder of Three Trees Enterprises and an energy healing practitioner. I completed a Master of Intuition Medicine certification in 2019 and received a certification as a Reiki Energy Healer in 2021. After 28 years as a peace officer in the public safety arena, I left that life behind and redirected my attention to focus all my energy into providing healing, guidance and counseling to other public servants like myself.

The challenges, difficulties, and struggles of serving in professions such as peace officer, firefighter, nurse, public safety dispatcher and armed forces are unique, especially in our current social climate. What I offer is a perspective born of experience in these areas, both as a peace officer and as a veteran, coupled with the desire to provide the opportunity to facilitate healing, health, and energetic wellness to others so they may serve in a more healthy and productive way. My goal is for my own clients to understand what I have learned to be true; that deep healing comes from within.

My Offerings


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