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Michell Kawaja

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Somatic Wellness Specialist and Motivational Mover

There’s a type of satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) that comes from training and dancing ballet professionally. It wasn't until I studied with mind/body/health pioneers Debbie Rosas, Carlos Aya Rosas, then soon after Daria and Anna Halprin, that I connected the dots between moving my body and mental health/well-being.

At 19, I found myself tearing up while in a Nia class doing a curtsey, and chills while screaming Yes, arms up to the heavens. Ding ding ding! Alignment. Aliveness. Joy. From that moment on, I chose to practice and teach movement not for applause, but for the deep connection it brings to the spiritual and emotional realms.

I wish for all humans to access Joy in Their bodies through movement, to trust their bodies, to love, learn from, and listen to their bodies. It is the most important relationship of one’s life!

My Offerings


Your somatic intelligence is absolutely mind blowing off the charts! I owe a lot of my newfound creativity and joyful movement to your personal sharings of the Nia Technique and with your heartfelt and inspired teachings. You bless and elevate this community to new heights of self-awareness and playful self-expression. I’m ever grateful to you for opening me up to all the new ways I can bring play and joy into my body...anytime and anywhere I think about it.

- Amy

Beautiful. I watched and then followed your directions. Allowed my body to move as it wished. Slow and open. Tears streamed. Felt amazing. Thank you for holding space. You’re a starlet and your dancing is healing.

- Stacey

Three Trees Flourish.png
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