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Thom Switzer

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Yoga Instructor

Thom Switzer has been teaching yoga in Marin for a number of years. He has acquired over a thousand hours of yoga training, including yoga philosophy, Asana practice, alignment, Vinyasa flow and Restoration. Thom’s classes include meditation and bhakti practice (chanting). Level 1, 2 and 3 classes are available. Thom will meet you at your level of yoga and can show you ways to enhance that.

Thom says "It has been my joy to share the love I have for yoga".

My Offerings


Thom teaches a sweaty and joyful Vinyasa class that will leave your body feeling great and your heart happy. Thom's pacing and steadiness are masterful. His dharma is steeped in years of study and practice. Thom is a builder and an artist, and you can feel his creativity in his sequencing, music and cueing. Overall, a great class!

Lesley D.

Thom is a fantastic yoga instructor. He runs a challenging, clear and comprehensive class. All parts of the body are stretched and strengthened and after 75 minutes I feel like a new person.

Ellie Dailey

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