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Hani'a Abram

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Reiki Enhanced Massage Therapist, Sound Healer and Bodyworker

Though it took a while, Hani’a has come to accept his role as a healer, and currently works as a California certified soft tissue therapist, and practices Tibetan sound reiki and shamanic energy clearing. A recent addition to his obligation of assisting people to restore/gain/maintain health and well-being, is the presentation of The Sympatico Way experiential self-awareness workshops.

The Sympatico Way utilizes gentle Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga based movements, along with non-violent communication dyads to provide participants with the opportunity to practice self-awareness in action. The Sympatico Way is a practice of strengthening self-awareness by bringing body, heart and mind to the ‘same page’ of ‘unifying experience’ or simpatico. The Sympatico Way is a ‘work-out’ for self-awareness.

It is Hani’a’s personal observation that much of our experience of dis-ease of body, heart and mind, begins with ignorance (because of weak self-awareness) of a simple imbalance. Often the imbalance results from the heart and/or body, and/or mind not being ‘on the same page’ or simpatico with what is healthy and conducive to wellbeing. Though simple in its beginning, with time such imbalances can become a difficulty that may require difficult, painful and costly interventions.

Having verified that there is an innate wisdom within, that can guide one’s heart, body and mind into health and wellness, Hani’a wishes to facilitate the opportunity for others to self-verify the reality of this innate wisdom by creating a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space for exploring, exercising and strengthening AWARENESS, one of the three most valuable tools in our human toolbox, and by which we access the direction to health and wellbeing that results from being simpatico with the Great Essence that abides within ourselves and within all we can see.

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