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Three Trees Wellness

Wellness Themes 

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Yoga by the Ocean


This is a big topic, but we start with the basics around nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and bodywork. Optimal health can cover many other aspects of our health such as sleep, stress management, skillful communication, exercise, relationships, lifestyle, mindfulness, meditation, physical stress and tension relief, energy clearing, and responses to fear and anxiety. More classes are on the way.


We have events, classes, one-on-one services, and class series enrollments.

Moving your body regularly is a key element to a healthy mind and body. Check out our movement classes.

Outdoor Pushup


Wall Plates


There is so much we do that is creative. Creativity and innovation are vitally important for mind and body connection and expressive engagement with life. The more time we spend in creativity, the happier we are. Art therapy classes and more are on the way.

A healthy family dynamic is good for everyone. Skillful communication is a key factor to having healthy family relationships. Here we will offer workshops and classes for you to learn the skills you’ll need in order to have more authentic relationships with genuine communication that strengthens the relationships you care about most. What are some family matters you’d like to find support with?

Weekend Family Lunch


Community Garden


Community building comes in many forms. Here we will have classes on how to create or enhance your community connections by working toward common goals for the betterment of the whole community. Does your community have a shared interest that needs to be organized?

Financial Wellbeing greatly reduces the stress in our lives. Here we will have classes about personal finance that will cover budgeting, debt management, savings, investing and more. Stay tuned! Coming soon. 



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